A simple way to avoid Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is something we, as a society, need to improve, not least because of the cost of care for suffers. Without it, many old people can live independently. A new Canadian study has found an effective way to prevent symptoms after early detection (McGreer and McGreer, March, 2018).

The study's breakthrough is a simple saliva test to have early detection (up to 10 years) of Alzheimer’s, before any other symptoms. The test looks for Abeta 42 levels, which is a protein in saliva. If they are increased, then the patient is likely to develop Alzheimer’s in the next 10 years.

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory drug which is fairly safe and widespread. It’s though people with high Abeta 42, could take daily doses of ibuprofen and adjust their diet to inhibit further development of Alzheimer’s. The diet recommended is the Mediterranean diet (Luchiano et al., January 2017), including lots of antioxidants (Joseph et al, July 2009) like grapefruit, berries and walnuts.

This new test is a game changer because although good early interventions were known, before the test it was impossible to know who needed the early interventions. This study's findings obviously need to be confirmed by future research and developed medically, but I hope it'll be ready for my old age and your's. In the future, everyone might be called up to do the saliva test at 55 years old and wait for the results and adjust their diet and ibuprofen intake accordingly.

NB Ltaer eddition: It seems the use of ibuprofen is not a recommended treatment for Alzheimer's disease

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Ref: https://www.spring.org.uk/2018/04/painkiller-alzheimers-disease.php

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