Improve your writing by doing this one simple thing!

Have you ever looked back at what you’ve just spent the last half an hour typing, only to find half of it doesn’t make sense and your sentences go on for days!? And it all made so much sense in your head as you were writing it! New research has found one simple thing seems to be correlated with better quality wiring (Medimorec & Risko, 2016).

Forcing yourself to write slowly could improve your writing quality. A study showed those who typed with one hand typed better quality material. Quicker typers are thought to consider which word to use less before moving onto the next one, making the vocabulary less varied and sophisticated.

The authors of the study only looked at typing, but they think slowing down could improve handwriting and speech-to-text writing too.

They are ken this doesn’t make everyone tie a hand behind our backs before writing at a keyboard, but at the same time, they would like us to consider the drawbacks as well as benefits when typing fast. It makes those of us who type everything at the last-minute think twice.

This study looked at PhD writing, so if you're studying or your kids are at School or Uni, this could be the simple tip that ups the grades. However, there’s a warning not to slow down too much. Going below the spread of normal handwriting has been shown to make the written quality worse again. So, here’s to finding that sweet spot!

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