How to fall in love with something you hate

Is there something in your life that you HAVE to do, but just leaves you feeling flat? There is a solution from the study of psychological wellness.

Everyone has things they're good at and things they're bad at. It's a fact of life. It is very common to not enjoy or excel activities which involve the things we do poorly. Many of us just accept that this is how it is and get on trudging through things we HATE doing. It doesn't have to be like this.

If you could know where your strengths lie, you could find a way to involve that strength. An example from Dr. Martin Sligman from the Authentic Happiness project of the University of Pennsylvania gave this example:

There's a waitress, trying to make ends meet while going through university, who hates her waiting job. She muddles up orders and she's clumsy as she takes things in and out the kitchen. As she lives in the US she needs god tips to get by waiting. Being bad makes her unhappy. She tries to be less clumsy and muddle things up less, but those things don't tie into any of her innate strengths. So she takes a simple test and discovers her strongest strength is communication. She tries to bring communication into her waiting work. She chats with customers, remembers the regulars names and jokes when she muddles things up or is clumsy. She feels connected to her customers and that she's doing a good job. Now not only does sh enjoy her time waiting, but she is making triple what she made before through her tips!

So next time you're not enjoying something, take a short strength test and see if you can use your strength to change something you hate into something you love!

take the "VIA survey of character strengths" test here:

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